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 Hello! My name is Misty Nelson and this is the spot where I share all our adventures, big and small. When my son Brady was born I had this enormous desire to show him the world in a way that would really engage his little mind. We live just outside of Washington D.C. so there are tons of fun things to do and see. Getting out and going places excited him and it quickly began to change my life too. I felt this immense sense of wonder and fulfillment watching him light up at all of our experiences and it inspired me to want to explore more. Go farther. Dream bigger…..Travel Blogger Misty Nelson and Family - Travel Blog Fun Family Travel @funfamilytravel

That’s why I started this site. It’s a place for me to preserve our memories and also share with other parents how truly magical it is to introduce your child to the world around you. Whether you start with what’s right outside your door or dream of traveling the globe like us, the most important part is to just start. Now!

I’ve always believed in living for the moment and I wake up every morning full of love and gratitude. Losing my mother at a young age really shaped my perspective on embracing the now. Last year my husband lost his father and his sister to cancer. She was only 41. We decided that we wanted to give our son a childhood full of magic and adventure and fill up our life with as much joy and laughter as we could find. Because you don’t know what tomorrow brings and you only have this one life. Make it big. Make it matter!

We’d love for you to follow along as we check off our bucket list, place by place. And we’d love to hear all your travel stories too, so please share!

xoxo Misty

A little about us…  

Meet Brady

Our son Brady just turned three and is wide open from the moment he wakes up. He’s “high-spirited” as some would say, but we just call him wild. I love his big personality! He’s curious about everything and quick to comment on whatever has caught his attention, however briefly that may be. There isn’t a sliver of shyness in his body and he’s never met a stranger. He has the biggest heart and he’s brave beyond measure. He’s also very clever and makes me laugh all day! We are the best of friends.

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How it all began…. 

This is Dave, the love of my life! I fell in love with him the moment  I met him, sappy as that is. We met at a college bar, like lots of people right? Except I was working in that bar and he was my boss!!! So our story goes more like that song… “You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you…” lol!

But really, somehow we survived working together for years and tied the knot in 2009. We had a fairytale wedding in the Bahamas surrounded by all our family and friends. Then we partied like rockstars! When we finally decided to settle down and start a family I knew I wanted to stay home with our child. While I was pregnant with Brady I started working on the blog I had created a few years before,  and by the time Brady came along it had grown into a full-time business. I LOVE being a mommy and while I also love being a “mommy blogger” I found that my real passion was sparked by our little adventures. Brady was a high-energy baby from the start and being home with him was driving us both crazy so I started planning day trips to keep us busy. We live just outside of Washington DC so there are a ton of things to do and see. And soon enough we were venturing out farther and farther, up and down the east coast. It’s so amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child. Pure magic and I’m totally hooked!

This year we are planning a road trip in late spring all the way across the US, from DC to California and back. And after that we hope to widen our horizons and go abroad.

That’s our story! Check back in a little while and see how far this crazy dream has taken us 🙂


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