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Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th Be With You

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Happy Star Wars Day! May 4th is the official “holiday” for Star Wars fans to come together and celebrate the magnificent galaxy that George Lucas created and all things Star Wars.

The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and has observed Star Wars Day with spectacular celebrations and events each year since. We loved the awesome Star Wars fireworks show (a Galactic Spectacular) and live events at Disney Hollywood Studios. Watching the storm troopers march down the street and take over the Star Wars Launch Bay had us all completely captivated.

see more of the Star Wars at Disney experience from our family vacation  

Star Wars at Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando FL The Force Awakens Storm via @funfamilytravel instagram youtube family travel blog-- Star Wars Day

Celebrating Star Wars Day

We made Star Wars pancakes this morning for breakfast before Brady headed off to preschool in his Star Wars pajamas. There will be plenty of light saber battles when he get’s home and we’ll be making Star Wars spaghetti with galactic meatballs for dinner.

How are you celebrating Star Wars Day?

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